Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

This past week we celebrated our 6-month anniversary. We knew we wouldn't have a ton of time on the actual day (Monday) to celebrate, so we had said we would celebrate the weekend before.

I bought him a cd...which he doesn't even love, but that's okay. I thought he would and it's the thought that counts.

So on Friday night, some friends had wanted to take us to dinner, so we started the evening going out to dinner with them. Ty had had a very busy day at school and work and had only had about a half hour free all day, so he rushed home after work to pick me up, grabbed a few things and we went to dinner. Dinner with Shannon and Amber was great--the food was delicious and the company was so wonderful.

After a very fun dinner, we left the restaurant and Ty blindfolded me and said we were going somewhere for a surprise. He had brought a bottle of sparkling cider and said maybe we could stop by a pond and have it. Once in the car, he said he had scouted out a place during his break during work, we went. When we got to the destination, with the blindfold still on (which was actually my sleep mask that Jet Blue gave me once upon a flight long ago), he told me to wait in the car for a minute, so I did.

Ty came back and took my hand and told me to stay close to him. We walked across a little parking lot, up a step, and through two doorways. At one point, I heard voices in the distance...and then it was quiet. Ty took off the blindfold and said, "Happy Anniversary!" I opened my eyes and found we were in a hotel room where he had set up the sparkling cider with champagne glasses. There was also a candle burning, a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase, and the sweetest card with the most thoughtful inscription from him.

He had figured everything out and then made it happen during his short little break during the day. How did I get so lucky?

Photo courtesy of my sweet and brilliant sister-in-law Diana of Yan Photography.


  1. danielle....

    you are AMAZING. what a sweet tribute to your good husband....and you deserve all these blessings! how lucky he is to be able to love you!

    i love you!

  2. I love what you wrote here about Ty. I always knew he was a terrific person but now I am really impressed. Happy Half-Anniversary!!