Saturday, October 29, 2011

A new friend

5 months ago, a little friend came to live with Ty and me...

Except he was 10 pounds smaller than he is now. He is 95th percentile for height. We'll see how long he can keep that up. :) We love him. He is our favorite little friend. And I hear him waking up from his nap...gotta run!


  1. awww, he's so cute, Danielle! I'm gonna email you. I realized I haven't told you yet and I finally decided to get off facebook for permanent.

  2. Yea--finally, some pictures of the little man! He's adorable and I'm sure you are the most amazing mama!

  3. He is also beautiful beautiful beautiful, and I want to cuddle him when I look at this picture. I wish I had at least one big baby. All mine end up in the lower percentiles. My daughter has stayed in the 20th all these years, my oldest son is in the 25th and my new baby is in the 31st percentile. I am raising a colony of midgets, and they will suffer the same humiliation I suffered as a child for looking like a little flea compared to the other kids. At least I'll understand.