Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Games people play

On a field trip to the Museum of Natural History, each of six children--Juana, Kyle, Lucita, Salim, Thanh, and Veronica--is accompanied by one of three adults--Ms. Margoles, Mr. O'Connell, and Ms. Podorski. Each adult accompanies exactly two of the children, consistent with the following conditions:
  • If Ms. Margoles accompanies Juana, then Ms. Podorski accompanies Lucita.
  • If Kyle is not accompanied by Ms. Margoles, then Veronica is accompanied by Mr. O'Connell.
  • Either Ms. Margoles or Mr. O'Connell accompanies Thanh.
  • Juana is not accompanied by the same adult as Kyle; nor is Lucita accompanied by the same adult as Salim; nor is Thanh accompanied by the same adult as Veronica.
Which one of the following could be an accurate matching of the adults to the children they accompany?
a) Ms. Margoles: Juana, Thanh; Mr. O'Connell: Lucita, Veronica; Ms. Podorski: Kyle, Salim
b) Ms. Margoles: Kyle, Thanh; Mr. O'Connell: Juana, Salim; Ms. Podorski: Lucita, Veronica
c) Ms. Margoles: Lucita, Thanh; Mr. O'Connell: Juana, Salim; Ms. Podorski: Kyle, Veronica
d) Ms. Margoles: Kyle, Veronica; Mr. O'Connell: Juana, Thanh; Ms. Podorski: Lucita, Salim
e) Ms. Margoles: Salim, Veronica; Mr. O'Connell: Kyle, Lucita; Ms. Podorski: Juana, Thanh

Tune in next time for the correct answer.

Do you ever think about how you don't know when you'll do logic games again and does it make you feel a little sad?

Do you ever think about how sometimes you would start doing logic games and kind of get lost in the momentum of solving the games so that you'd keep doing games without realizing you should have moved on to something else?

Do you ever get asked by your husband, "When you say, 'you,' do you mean, 'me' or do you mean 'you?'" and you have to respond, "When I say, 'you,' I ALWAYS mean, 'people in general,' which really means, 'me.'"

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  1. I love it:) I'm the same...when I say you...that logic games...I'll take a pass...I have some um, bad associations with them.