Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You're not as hungry as you think.

I was soooooo hungry after work today (and by after work, I mean, in between works), so I ran to the grocery store, bought myself some graham crackers, frosting, chocolate (I'm sorry, my sweet husband. These are not necessary expenditures, but it really seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.), and then stopped by Arby's and bought a chicken sandwich and some curly fries and took it all to my last class teaching LSAT Prep...

Is it just me or does 8 minutes seem like a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a sandwich and curly fries in a fast food place? Especially when there's a monitor with a clock ticking away the time you've been waiting. Hey, Arby's. Look alive. But I digress...

So then I got to class and set my food on the table as I started to lecture...the curly fries were delicious and I ate about two graham crackers when suddenly the thought hit me: this is disgusting. It just seemed so incredibly gluttonous that it made me sick.

Good thing I had already finished my curly fries. I might have been tempted to throw them away and I know I would have only regretted it later when I felt hungry again.


  1. Haha! Made my night. Think I'll go have another popsicle (sugar frei of course)

  2. Steve, you make my heart happy. :)